(Abdirahman Jama is part of the Fake Profile series)

Abdirahman Jama(pron. Ab-Dee-Rahk-Mahn Ja-Mar) is the greatest fake profile and one of the greatest members we've had on ThisizGame. He was funny, polite, and Somalian.

Day 1 of Abdirahman Jama's CareerEdit

Abdirahman Jama joined ThisizGame in December 2008, and made a thread called [Does anyone know yet?], in which he basically stated the following:

- He's a Somalian pirate

- He stole a computer with Windows 95 from an American helicopter

- He has broadband internet powered by a "khamel"

- His income was made from selling fruit and various livestock.

- He wants "lady with email and webcam hihi"

- He's a "big fan of game i like his song i believe i can fly is very nice yes?"

- If you're a male, "you man i not homosexuals go away please"

This way, everyone knew exactly what he wanted. A lot of people were trying to beef with him on Day 1, calling him desperate etc. But this didn't hurt Abdirahman Jama at all. Why? Because he was in possession of Somalian weapons.

On Day 1, we also were able to confirm that Abdirahman only curses when he's angry, otherwise he censors it.

Abdirahman's DreamsEdit

Abdirahman Jama had a few simple dreams:

- He wanted to meet 2Pac and Biggie on a concert in 2009, but mysteriously, they never showed up.

- He wanted a wife to make as many children as possible. Multiple wives were no problem, either.

- He was willing to pay goats for your sister.

- He wanted to become a rapper and do collaborations with The Game.

- He wanted to make friends on ThisizGame.

The Day of DisasterEdit

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