Chezy G showing off his cool Sunglasses

Chezy G is a faggot arab and suspected German terrorist that works for gyb4lyfe's secret terrorist organization. He joined sometime in March, 2009. From the beggining of his arrival, he was hated by the community. For maximum lulz he was ethered off the site in October, 2009, he is now lurking on Twitter and elsewhere.

Known Personal Info


Ali, Adolf, Abraham, or Cheser Geese.


20 - 37

Current Location

Germany or Pakistan

Place of Birth

North Korea, Israel, Pakistan, or Turkey

Before ThisIzGame

Chezy is believed to have spent lots of his time in playgrounds wearing raincoats before joining ThisIzGame, he's real name and all personal information will be leaked here once the ThiszGame Superheroes find it. We believe that he found the site while looking for kiddie porn and a link to Ryan's page popped up, he suddenly liked the idea of having internet friends and he felt that he had achieved his goal, If only he knew.


Everyone realized what a huge dick-riding faggot he was from the second he joined, whenever he was offline people laughed at his fat cunt, he didn't really post anything that made sense during his time.

Ethered Off

On the 7th Of October 2009, the 'Official "Hey let's take a dump on Chezy G" Thread' was made by Alessandro. The main participants in this thread were Alessandro, SheezBurger, and Rob...Your Mum's New Boyfriend, but since everyone agreed, the ThisIzGame community joined in on the fun to show Chezy G how much of a faggot he is.

After the the Thread

Chezy G changed his picture to something he found on google and made his page private and left because he's a huge wanker. He still lurks on TIG and posts "Noyone Cares ~" everytime his name is mentioned.

Links His faggot Twitter (Private) ThisIzGame Page

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