Hatter is just "hater" with an extra T, noyone knows why.

How Hatter BeganEdit

It all started when a ThisizGame oldfag misspelled Hater in a random thread, it then spread like a deadly nero toxin coming from under Gyb4lyfe's bedroom door, Noyone knows the origin of this word, and/or noyone cares, all they know is it's good to hatt on everything. to this day hatt is used by 10+ people daily, newfags like Chezy G try to fit in by saying it.

Jesse and HattEdit

Jesse aka MurdaGame505 aka KINGHATTER1017 loves to hatt and even wanks in the shower while saying "hatt" in his spic mexican tone, he stays hattin while bumping Gucci Mane out his trailer window in New Mexico, it is believed that when Jesse was born he was "accidently" continually dropped on his head therefore explaning the bad taste in music and lack of common sense. I should just stop now because this is starting to become the wiki page for kinghatter.

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