SCB, the gangster.

SCB is a BWS, Orlando Magic, and Kid CuDi stan. He joined ThisizGame around June or July of 2008. He began blogging around the time WCS, CPT, ThisizMadness, and No Mercy were the most active on the site. It was Game's site, but he wanted to work with BWS, and wanted to promote the artists to help build their buzz and their fan base.

SCB's Big Fateful DayEdit

The opportunity to help BWS came in February 2009 when BWS artist ‘Juice’ launched his new site and had SCB become admin of the site and his promoter. He posted his music on other sites. He stopped working with Juice around the middle of August.

After JuiceEdit

By the end of September he started working with ‘X.O.’. SCB felt a lot of X.O.’s previously released tracks, and thought that they were slept on and didn’t get the attention they deserved. So they decided to re-release numerous tracks. The buzz of the re-releases were great. One track titled “Support (Remix)” featuring Young Buck, even did over 30,000 downloads after being re-released.

SCB Doing It BigEdit

Some point in October he also began working with BWS artist ‘LA Goon’. He helped LA Goon drop tracks leading up to his debut mixtape that dropped Christmas day titled ‘Ingle-Wolf’.

The End of The YearEdit

Just before 2009 was over, SCB was able to get a interview with the Nu Jerzey Devil. The interview let fans know about NJD’s upcoming projects, and he cleared up who is on the BWS roster.

The SCB As of NowEdit

SCB is currently prepping for X.O.’s ‘28 Days Later’ release coming in February 2010. Also LA Goon's next mixtape, dropping in the same month.

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